Begin the Blog

So, I’ve just been thinking! – I do sometimes! Actually I think too much. And I waffle too much.

Even so, I’ve just been thinking.

Is there ever a good time to start a blog? I really want to share my experiences as a student photographer -there may be nobody to listen but even so, I want to share!

So back to “when is a good time to start a blog”?  If I’d have started my blog at the beginning of my leap into the wonderful world of student-hood, you’d not only have had the ear-bending delight of hearing about my amazing high when I did “ever so well” in my practical photography module, but you’d also have had to listen to my (OH YES, didn’t you know? This, is a compulsory-reading blog), my  “on the verge of dropping out, how low can you get” period when I just couldn’t get conceptual portraiture. I suppose this is a good time to fess up! I don’t do “people”. Far too personal!  AND, I am struggling to get the “conceptual” thing.  BUT, I will get it -eventually.

So! As I’ve just had an amazing first semester and am really beginning to believe in myself, this is Probably the Positively Perfect Point to Prep my Plog Blop Oh, what the hec! BLOG! Does anyone else out there have trouble with iPad-iPod-iMac-MacBook-FaceBook whatever, etc?  And now Blog, Twitter, Tweet, Instagram, Histogram, Oh dear. I’ve been battling with this blog blurb all day now and am quite ready for a glass of something a little bit stronger than water. So, when is it five o’clock. (it’s five o’clock somewhere, I just know it)                 BLOG

So!  Anyway, this is the probably the best moment in time to start my Blog,

because, I’m on a high and want everyone in the world to go back to school at a ridiculous age and study something they are passionate about! So there it is! I’m obviously a bit too keen.

Tomorrow I may just have to share my struggle with the word CONCEPTUAL!

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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2 Responses to Begin the Blog

  1. I really Feel blog, “Begin the Blog | Jane Eve Dixon” was really good!
    I actuallycould not see eye to eye together with you even more!
    Finally looks like I actuallylocated a web site
    truly worth reading. Regards, Stepanie

    • Thank you so much Stephanie. I will try to be worthy of you fine comment. I’ve been very busy the last few days (on holiday having loads of photo opportunities and gorgeous grub ‘n fine wine, if truth be known) but shall be making more posts very soon. Have you a blog yourself?

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