An Exhibition – my first – Yeh! And – Help! I guess you’d better read on to know why “Help”!

Help!_DSC0085-2_DSC0079-2So here we are, ten of us, in our second year of our Photography degree and suddenly we have the chance of an exhibition! OMG! So we had a little bit of an introduction (teensy weeny intro – not!) to a very highly regarded local gallery, OrielQ in Narbeth, and heh presto; that same afternoon, I’m going to Narbeth to meet up with lovely daughter (who I haven’t seen since Xmas) and hubby, for late lunch – opposite OrielQ. So I take some pics of the gallery and the following week I arrange a visit with the curator, as a group, to see if we are going to be able to have an exhibition. We are so blessed! We are offered the same time slot as Gina Hughes, an artist from Carmarthen whose work is just fab! ( I first saw her photographic series, MOMENTO, at the Waterfront Gallery in Milford Haven, and just loved them), but I can’t wait to see her latest exhibition. I’m hoping for more “Flowers” reminiscent of the Dutch Artists, but we’ll have to wait and see. I had a peek at one of her prints earlier in the year and was wowed. Check out Momento and the first two images on Flowers on her site

Anyway, I procrastinate! To the help bit in the title. We are all being given a two foot wide by eight foot tall space for our image choice, or choices, for the exhibition. So I thought instantly of my Standing Stones – see previous post – BUT – and here’s the thing. They are a part of a piece of work I wish to develop as a series for my work as an artist (get that bit of self confidence) and to put just one into a local gallery might be adverse to my plans. So, just what do I exhibit? Most of what I am proud of so far has already been entered into a comp during last term’s module, and, as such, is out of bounds for exhibition. The rest is, predominantly, part of future works which I am not ready yet to show. Now I know that sounds a bit arty, but, honestly, I am really hoping to achieve something here, so have to be a little precious.

Anyway, as you will see above, I do have a couple of images which I hope might be possibilities. They are based on an emotion evoked by the site of our beautiful environment enveloped in the oil and gas industry. The paradox is that they, in my opinion, have a beauty all of their own. If you happen to have caught on to my blog, and haven’t switched off yet, then – what do they say to you, if anything. So there is my “Help Please” bit. That’s if you don’t mind giving a little of your time, which, regardless of your honest opinion, would be greatly appreciated.   After all, I am a great believer that all art is subjective 😉



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4 Responses to An Exhibition – my first – Yeh! And – Help! I guess you’d better read on to know why “Help”!

  1. bbylois says:

    I am not replying the waaw effect , you recieve this from others 😉 . The first one , Jane, is powerful enough to present alone. It kept me observing and still I am doing this . This image invites to be on the scenery. But it will only be that effective when you exclude the second one. The second one below , nice done, sure ,but it not surprises me because i expected to see reflections, and i was well served :). The first one leads me at the end to the smoke on the right and the light bulb on the left . I wonder a bit why they are not presented in vertical lines. That is attractive , for me at least. The second one disturbs this fantasy. Hope that helps. A titel , hmmmm . something like . `We are here`

  2. chudiso says:

    picture were great!

  3. Echo says:

    The two images above are both stunning and as you say carry a message of their own in the dichotomy between source and beauty. I’d just use these .

  4. tas.o.s. says:

    I wish i could visit 🙂 Your pictures are amazing 🙂

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