My Blog! A time to reflect. A time to say “Thank You”.

I do admit that I’d always secretly wanted a blog; somewhere to just chat, write down my thoughts etc, etc. I never dreamt anyone would be listening – or, as it happens, watching! In fact, I am actually of the belief that, in lots of ways, technology has a negative effect on relationships. But, I won’t go into that now, as quite the opposite has happened since my blog started and I want to say “thank you.”

Firstly, to all of you who have “liked” my blog. It is so humbling that you have taken the time out, in this crazy fast world, to check me out. Just  thanks, so much.

But now a special huge thank you to Tasos, Sue, Chudiso, and Bart for commenting on my last post. It means so much to me to get your encouragement and especially to get your considered opinion. (that one’s for Bart! His reflections on my work are highly valued and I recommend everyone to check out his images! They are thoughtful and often very beautiful.)  I have a message for each of you in time;   (and a special photo for Tasos – taken by my daughter – when I get the time to post it! – watch this space Tasos and you’ll see why I love your blog so much; that is, apart from the fact the I just love your life’s philosophy. Yes, I love to “walk in the air”).  However, I guess this message goes out to everyone who takes the time to care, “like” and “comment” on other people’s blogs. Special people!

One of my favourite quotes  is by Willy Wonka! “So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.” And if you haven’t yet read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, whatever are you doing reading this blog. That’s much more fun!

We all have too little time and I just know so many of you will share this final thought.

Sometimes, I have so much I want to do that I don’t do anything. Or, at least, I really don’t know what to start on and I don’t get anything finished. For example, I have three posts saved in draft that are just not ready to publish but that I just had to get down on paper.

Isn’t that just the case? Sue thinks so and yet has time for her amazing blog.

But finally, to my brave, adventurous Chudi, who “travels for fulfilment”. Shouldn’t we all do a little something every day that gives us that “walk in the air feeling” of fulfilment. OMG, this post is getting far to soppy and philosophical!

I leave you with this quote from a poem by William Henry Davies.

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

On that note, I’d better get back to my studies!!!        BLOG

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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1 Response to My Blog! A time to reflect. A time to say “Thank You”.

  1. bbylois says:

    My pleasure Jane and thank you really . In my opinion ,we only can appreciate and learn from our art work when we communicate and share our thoughts. To me, Images are more than `beautiful and nice done ` because we should make them not only to reproduce what we see. There is a story behind each image and I observed this in your image. For myself , I appreciate to express and receive that from all of you. When we do, we are dealing with art. Stay in contact ,Jane, looking forward to it.

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