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Examples of a test selection for my on-line library task.

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Examples of a test selection for my on-line library task.

You’d have thought it would be all quite straightforward. Part of the brief for my module is to upload some images to an on-line image library. Having, I consider, got to grips with creating this blog, I assumed it would be quite a simple task. I was so wrong. 

We are initially required to upload four images and my classmates, thank you to Séan in particular, had suggested which ones to use out of the twenty or so I had brought in to class. I felt quite confident and registered with Alamy, printing out their submission and quality guidelines for reference.My first problem was that the on-line library Alamy, to which I am uploading, want me to comply with certain rules. I know how to resize images and thought all would be well. However, the histogram needed to be within certain constraints, black and white points to be within 5% of 0 and 255 respectively. So starts the confusion – I am hoping to submit some Black and White images but am not sure that my histogram meets the requirements and whether or not I am allowed to adjust it appropriately – or even if I want to as it will change it creatively.  Furthermore they ask for Greyscale images to be saved as RGB prior to submission and I’m not sure what this means as it is black and white. These two points are probably already in my knowledge bank and I am just getting confused – trouble is, that doesn’t help when your brain starts to panic and then everything gets mixed up. For example, there are no number guidelines in the Lightroom histogram and anyway, if there is a lot of black in your image, how can you meet the criteria without compromising your preferred “look”.

Not to be beaten, I have uploaded some images from my files – they may not even be the correct size as the opened file must be at least 24MB (this you can see in the bottom of Photoshop when you open it, so I’m ok there) but mustn’t be more than 25MB when you upload it. Surely all this makes absolute sense! My file sizes on upload are shown in thousands of kb – the largest is 6595.86kb and the smallest is 4910.77kb.  Google tells me that 6000kb is just under 6 MB so I am ok there. BUT then they say to check my images at 100% for Chromatic Aberration. Oh! Next Please! Interpolation! Yes, and ? Colour space – mine say sRGB and I don’t see an option to change that to Adobe RGB so just another reason for them to be rejected. I am actually sure that if I weren’t panicking, I do know all this stuff. I guess it’s like the exposure meter and flash balancing thing – knowing it and putting it into practice are two completely different things. Oh my goodness!

Like everything, it is just a matter of practice. First of all though, I do need some help with the histogram. I know who to ask, too. So my next post will include some answers. In the meantime  here are the final four pics I uploaded – well’ not the exact ones as I don’t think I should be doing that, but similar.

PS it is now 17:53 and I have been on this for most of the day. I was going to do so much more work for my other module and now I’m just too tired. Plus, I was just about to post on my flash experiments over reading week, when, having written the post, I discover that the images I want to upload are just nowhere to be found. Then I remember – they are on John’s camera – on a ship – somewhere in the far Mediterranean! That’s another post awaiting completion. So there it is. I am just trying to do too much – again. Back to the drawing board, as they say!         ONLINE LIBRARY

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