Good Day, Bad Day.

Some days are just different.

Good Day – I was up early and full of enthusiasm. My images had sadly been rejected by the on-line library; strictly speaking my reflection failed, they thought it was manipulated but it wasn’t. They also found dust spots which I hadn’t seen – oops – first learning curve! Nevertheless, I was feeling good as I had stayed up late and submitted a new set. Little did I know that my new set was marred by further dust spots.            ONLINE LIBRARY

Bad Day – I searched for half an hour for my silver camera pendant – my lucky charm which is last year’s Christmas present from John, Amanda & Dave. Nowhere to be seen.

Good Day – I got to uni early and started developing my films from half term – always exciting.

Bad Day – I found a dust spot on one of my uploaded images which I hadn’t seen. I’d actually thought it was a bird.

Good Day – We had a meeting ref our exhibition – getting closer now and exciting!

Good Day – Emma and I finished off developing my films – they are looking good, yeh!

Good Day – had a lovely time chatting with Emma, lazy lunch; if you can call 20 minutes lazy.

Bad Day – arrived home; logged on; images rejected again, what a surprise. Mm Not Really! I need to get to grips with this one.

Good Day – following advice from my tutor I had re-shot my cinematic image. Sean then added the finishing touches of advice & I shot my final attempt with better results.


About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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2 Responses to Good Day, Bad Day.

  1. Amy Fryer says:

    im glad you found it!

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