OrielQ Exhibition – planning is getting exciting!

We had a group meet today with regard to our exhibition at OrielQ in April. It is beginning to feel real now and getting very exciting.

In line with our brief, we needed to take on individual responsibilities which, as a whole, would cover the tasks required. Marlene volunteered to do transport and as Kimberley and Kate had already started website and advertising planning, we agreed they should stay with that. Sean volunteered his services as photographer for press and opening night, and Chris & Will are jointly doing Flyers & Posters. Emma is managing the materials for mounting and hanging and Amy is the advertising co-ordinator, concentrating on  Carmarthen for our main advertising drive. We all agreed Joe would be excellent as Social Media officer and as he wasn’t there, that was a given! I had been the first contact with the gallery and so would continue to liaise with Lynne Crompton at OrielQ with regard to the planning and co-ordination of the project, returning to do a thorough measure-up of our exhibition space and creating a plan for us to work from. Emma is emailing everyone for details of image format and size etc in order that we may think about the visual and then we realised something else! We needed an accountant. There may be costs associated with the opening night; we are opening at the same time as the main gallery exhibition for  Gina Hughes (see first paragraph of my post “An Exhibition”). We shall have mounting and printing to achieve and, even though most of that will be covered by college and our studio fees,  Sean came up with the good idea of pricing everything up as if for real, for a future reference. Good Plan! Who would be our accountant – well, thankfully, Marlene offered her services, not an envied task so a double thank you for that from us all, I am sure.

All in all, despite my ups & downs; see last post, a really GOOD DAY!      EXHIBITION

NOW – back to my on-line submissions – with a little more concentration this time. And the “Tip of the Day”. My tutor suggested that I should photograph a white piece of paper to check for dust, hairs, scratches etc. Now I shall be doing that asap. I shall not be beaten. I’ll keep you informed.

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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