A wonderful surprise! Yep! I do love technology!

Amanda Kat & I

Amanda Kat & I, Casterton Sports Day, sometime in the late 90’s

So I’m busily cleaning my camera and I hear this funny noise. Is my computer bowing up? No it’s skyping – honestly I didn’t touch it BUT it’s skyping.

Ten minutes later I have worked out how to get the video link connected and a very special person is on the phone – my gorgeous, “adopted just cos I love her so”, second daughter, Kat, skyping me from Canada. Kat & husband, Markus moved to Vancouver three years ago AND LOVE IT, but I do miss seeing her and the time thing means catching up isn’t easy. The thing is, I tried this skyping thing before Christmas and couldn’t get it to work so I haven’t actually spoken to her properly for over a year. Oh it was just wonderful to see her & Max their son and natter and natter and natter. 

So my day is made! Now back to my camera!    😉 – I’ve just checked my camera – FINALLY – it’s CLEAN. Yeh! I’ll post a final note on that tomorrow – quite a lot of learning has passed into my little brain since my images got rejected by Alamy.

Sometimes, these things are just meant to happen. 🙂

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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