I Passed! Finally! My images finally passed.

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That’s my Professional Studies module back on track. Now back to my Cinematic Project – am I ever having trouble with that module! ( my daughter says I throw in far too many explanation marks in my Blog posts, but heh, I really felt that one).

Here is the thing. The first part of our cinematic project was difficult but great fun technically and the criteria not too difficult to grasp. My “flashy” post regarding that task is yet to be written as, if you’ve been following my Blog, you will know that the images I want to include, learning to balance light with flash, are somewhere offshore on my husband’s camera. Anyway, here is the jist of this cinematic module.

We had to choose a film which we could connect with, emotionally and visually. After considering Harry Potter – yep – told you I’m not mature at all – I finally chose Fairy Tale – A True Story. Very Mature! Now for all you camera lovers, please believe me, it was a really mature choice. In the early 1900’s, two little girls, aged 9 & 11, took some photos of “fairies”. The fact is, the images are still being debated today! I chose three screen shots and mimicked them as best I could for their narrative, aesthetic and ambiance but now I have to follow that with six final images which meet a different criteria :

  • have to have some totally relevant link to my initial work on the film, (and not just technical), but they
  • mustn’t be too literal,
  • need to be inspired by two thoroughly researched photographers (preferably one contemporary and one histerical historical),
  • need to reflect my learning in contextual studies, (the art history and very deep and meaningful  academic module of our degree-I don’t really mean that tease, as up until now I love it) and
  • really need to “say something thought provoking” 

How’s that for a “starter for ten” as they say? Now I do actually want all of my images to say something but I am finding it a tall order for them to say something that meets all the above criteria. I am now going to meditate on it, do a mind map – mm, honestly, and try to come up with a miracle proposition that will be accepted by our tutors. Thanks for listening to my long drawn out waffle, deep and interesting revelations about my photography degree. I shall leave you with my favourite mimicked image from Fairy Tale, where the reporter is breaking in to look for the TRUTH.


About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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4 Responses to I Passed! Finally! My images finally passed.

  1. erasmid says:

    I reas your note on http://game4learning.com/2013/01/16/what-i-learned-from-blogging/. Did she reply? I suspect it of being an advertise-by-liking site. Still, I’m glad it linked me to your site: I like your work, your passion, and your writing..

    In case she didn’t, and you still want advice: I think the problem there was ” had backlinks to my self-host website.” – that is, was promoting her stuff. Links to interesting stuff are encouraged, as is posting of non-copyright material.

    However, do read the contract, search the FAQs, and ASK THE PROVIDER in writing if anything is unclear. (Don’t be surprised if they can’t tell you immediately, but chase them up for a written reply. They may have to ask their lawyers.)

    • Thank you very much for that. I have not received an answer yet but your info makes sense. I am sure now that I am ok but, yes, I shall check out the contract – te he, I guess I ought to have done that in the first place. And I shall email them if I have a query not answered in FAQ’s. Thanks again.

  2. bbylois says:

    Hi Jane , knowing me , I cant leave out a note for you when I push ‘the like’ button 🙂 You have passion for natural nature beauty and that suits you . Well done , missy; I also not forget your husband which I assume was very helpful. The image made in the snow kept me looking at. Not because of the snow but for the entire balanced composition. The reflection into the water kept me wonder : ” what that came from ” So it has my fully attention. So , well done . grt bart
    Note : Passed , passed ,…. but i hope to see some new work of you to be passed to 🙂

    • You will, I promise. On an amusing note with reference to reflections; my first image failed was of a total reflection of a yacht’s hull and wind generator in water. It failed because they thought I had manipulated it! The computer test couldn’t pick up that is was real, so I was pleased the snow image with the stream reflection passed. I might just tease them with some more reflections now! 😉

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