Further Preparations for our Exhibition



Press Officer : Kate Evans                                                               Photographer : Seán Clarke

Our Exhibition planning is well on its way now. Last saturday I went to OrielQ Gallery in Narbeth, measured the available space in the gallery and made a mock-up of the wall boards for our display; everyone’s images were printed to scale and we made a provisional plan of our exhibition which Marlene took a photograph of for our workbooks.

Our Mock-up Gallery

In our competition module, last semester, we entered the Ilford, Harman Technology Competition, Beauty & The Beast.

Amy, Kimberley, Marlene, Lewis and myself had images which were chosen for the final selection and which we were lucky enough to have displayed at the Focus for Imagining Show at the Birmingham NEC last week, and on the Harman linked, Flickr website. We have therefore decided  that it shall be these images that we shall use for our exhibition. My two images, based on the First World War, were amongst these , one a digital colour image and the other a B&W film print which I took in studio with my 6*6 Bronica SQ B.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love taking film images then developing and printing them; it’s the kind of hands-on craft that I have never done before and it is so rewarding when you see the results. They may not be perfect, and often aren’t, but there is something tangible that has a quality all of it’s own about a hand made print. I kind of “Love my Bronica” ! And my darling husband who has created a darkroom and a studio for me – nearly finished. I know I am spoilt but whoa, do I appreciate it!

PS “nearly finished” in our language means by next year – I can wait. Just!    EXHIBITION

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