A Step Nearer – Our Exhibition is nearly here!

In our lectures today, we’ve been advancing our techy knowledge and I’ve learnt how to link my blog up to the Group Facebook Exhibition page. This Blog Post, an update of our work so far,  should now appear also as a post on our Undergraduates Exhibition 2013, community page. (done by editing the settings on Publicize, just before you Publish).

The Undergraduates Exhibition, 2013, Facebook Page

So what have we done as a group so far, in preparation for our exhibition?

Well, as you can see on our exhibition page which has been created by Kimberley, we have chosen our images for the exhibition. We have also had our group photo taken by photographer Seán, Kate has done a press release and Chris and Will have designed a poster. Emma has been busy planning the materials for our “hanging” and Amy and Joe have been busy passing the word and preparing for our poster sites and networking accordingly.  As you know, I have made a mock-up of our Gallery Space and, as we are”Artists”, as our curator Lynne Crompton reminded me when I visited OrielQ last Saturday, (I so have to pinch myself when I hear that – it feels like the beginning of  dream coming true); we have done a provisional plan of how we should like to see our exhibited works. Marlene, who is our accountant and also our transport co-ordinator,  called into the gallery on Saturday and we have now done a group Artist Statement and sent it off along with all our images, press release and poster design to the curator, Lynne, for publicity.

It is a huge “learning curve” and we are definitely “learning” as we go along, but what a privilege it is to be having the chance to exhibit at OrielQ and also having the guidance and support of the curator, Lynne Crompton. It will stand us in “good stead” as they say, as we progress towards our careers as photographers and artists.

As a group we are working together to produce a fine exhibition of which we hope to make a huge success.  We all have Blogs, so do watch this space for updates and please follow us if you can. BUT, most of all please do come to our Exhibition!     😉       EXHIBITION

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