Blitzing the Blog – Modulating the Modules

I realize that my posts are all over the place – my blog needs some order.

Just like my DESK !

Officially, for my Professional Studies Module in the BA Hons Photography Degree that I am studying, my Blog, (quote) has to document my “work for the exhibition, photo-library, Cinematic project, your (my) personal work, photographic reference, and equipment.”

Now , having been Blogging for just five weeks, I realise that my posts are jumping from one thing to another, never quite reflecting the breakdown of work I have done, the remit for my tutor; nor my personal thoughts and actions, characteristically, my own remit and, I believe, the quality that makes Blogging and Blogs so amazing. The very best Blogs are the ones wherein someone is brave enough to share their personal stories in order to help others. We are alone in this world but we don’t need to feel so alone if we are prepared to follow the old adage of “give & take”. There, my thought for the day! So, thank you to all those incredible Bloggers who share so much. I will try to do the same.

To the point of this post, though.

I am about to create three new pages under my “Term in the life of ……..” page.

They will reflect my Degree work and as I fill them in, I shall post a note of content and the link.


My work for today!

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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