Back to Blog – along with an curious thought!

It is now just over two weeks since my last post – my birthday. And a great one it was too – in more than one way I guess but I’m quite used to being sixty now so no more thought to that!

The in-between time since then has had some real highs and some real lows – a wonderful day with my amazing and wonderful extended family enjoying a baby shower for my daughter and her cousin-through-marraige. Then the such sad occasion of my cousin’s funeral – and sharing grief and memories with all those she has left behind.

And the high of having my Mum with me for a while – long journeys with overnight breaks for Mum, so, work is difficult but it’s lovely being together and now, quite unexpectedly, she is staying with me now for ten days or so. Time to savour.

Spring Mum

Lunch at The Waterman’s Arms in Pembroke – any opportunity for a bit of a camera practice; and a delicious lunch, to boot! And, more importantly, another magic moment captured!

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this is because I just wondered, if maybe some of you, just wondered, why the Blog Gap? That’s all. I’ll explain my curiosity for this notion.

During this gap”tweek” (my latest word for two weeks)  I had a little spare time on my hands but without the tools I needed to do my overdue degree work, so I was doing some quite intense research into a couple of photographers for my cinematic work and ended up on their blogs. They were often very sparse to say the least; and I got to thinking! Have you ever wondered what bloggers are doing when they are having a BLOG Time-Out? Well, I just started to wonder, that’s all.

Are they having high times, low times, stressful times or just off somewhere else without the need to share; my blog was created to fulfil the role required by my Professional Studies module and yet, I see it now as more of a journal, a Tri’journal – haha. That is, partly Me, partly Photography, and partly BA Degree.

At the moment it is mainly me; great to be selfish for a while, but predominantly I want it to be about my photography, moreover my journey to becoming an artist. Can you become an artist? I wonder! I guess it’s probably just that we are all born artists to a lesser or greater degree, we just have to find our true self.

Anyway, I did get a chance for another shot yesterday and here is my triple exposure of the day, loads of perfecting to do here yet but patience is not my Mum’s best virtue so I had to do with a single attempt at this one.


OK, so I know you can’t really see it but the third exposure is a “Swan a-Dabbling”, dead centre.

OK, that’s the post for tonight and tomorrow night I shall be updating all those Uni Pages that are so sparse – probably not of interest to most, but certainly my Tutors might be watching out for some action there.

Oh yes, I forgot to say! I have the work partially cracked now – I am sat with Mother, my headphones on to drown out the Oh so Loud TV, but she is quite content as long as I am in the same room and so am I, as long as I can catch up on some overdue work   😀   Happy Easter Eggs! Yum! TTFN   (just for you chudi –  T.T.F.N.   – good old northern english slang for   Ta Ta For Now)   😀

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