Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way !

With just a week away from the opening of our exhibition, I was worrying that I wouldn’t get a chance to put up many of my posters, except in Narbeth where the Gallery is situated, on the pretence of taking my Mum shopping! If you visit Pembrokeshire, Narbeth is a must for a day of market town shopping heaven. Anyway, back to my posters.

The sun came out and I was feeling guilty about concentrating on some editing rather than my Mum. My Mother loves being taken out and about in the car and loves to be by the sea and the boats. How dim had I been – poster problem solved. Along with plenty of cups of tea, yummy ice cream in cones, pretending summer had arrived, I managed to get exhibition posters up in all the seaside villages around me. Then, on Thursday I took Mum back to Milford Marina for a last outing before taking her home. I persuaded her that we could make it up the stairs to the Waterfront Gallery and she really loved the work there, especially the ponies by Nigel Cox, as she was brought up on the edge of Dartmoor, which is famous for its wild ponies.

Dartmoor Pony

On holiday in Devon with my Mum, two years ago – I hadn’t seen the Dartmoor Ponies since I was a child and then, this little fellow popped up!

Whilst at the Waterfront Gallery, I tentatively asked if I could put a poster up for the exhibition at the OrielQ Gallery and to my delight, they said I could. We also had a preview of Gina Hughes work which is exhibiting at the same time as ours in the main gallery. It is just wonderful! I am so looking forward to her exhibition. And ours!

And so to today. With our hanging just two days away and having been travelling for the past three days, taking my Mum home,  I needed to get cracking. I have printed and mounted the posters, notices and group photo for the display at the start of the Stairs Gallery.

And so to finish on a note of amusement. Not so at the time, I might add, as I am very tired after all my driving, but, as I said, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Our Posters are in Welsh as well as English – I don’t speak Welsh and certainly don’t read it. I was just about to mount up the Welsh poster when I noticed something strange; there were no gaps in the sentences; the document had downloaded in word compatibility mode, and had left out all of the spaces! And so to my first Welsh lesson! Making sure that this statement, so beautifully written by Kate Evans, a fellow student, is as she originally wrote it, and not mounted as the gobbledygook version that Word turned it into.

And so I complete another task in my journey through this semester. I just can’t imagine how embarrassed I would have been if I had turned up to the gallery on Wednesday with the Welsh statement, beautifully mounted and saying nothing! Another learning curve – note to self –


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