Exhibition Opens Tomorrow and Degree Work Moves On.

A screenshot of the OrielQ website’s front page, showing fellow student. Chris’s image, ‘Waiting on a Wave’. Our opening is tomorrow at 2pm and the doors are open to all.


On Wednesday I went to meet my fellow students at OrielQ Gallery in Narbeth and we hung our work. I had taken a laser beam leveller with me to help us and I was feeling very cock-a hoop to have thought of it! Soon to feel very silly and thank goodness for Emma!

I didn’t know how to use it – BUT I do now. Emma, you are star! Emma, Marlene, Sean & I made a fine job of hanging the ten exhibits and, if I say it myself, our show does look rather splendid. We open tomorrow at two and I can’t wait to feel the buzz of everyone around looking at our work along with that of Gina Hughes (see my last post) in the main gallery.

So it is on with my work for the other modules we have to complete this term. Busy, busy!

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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