I did actually promise to “Keep my Blog Alive” – what a “rotten egg” I am! Sorry!

So here I am, hoping against hope that my followers have not given up and that you will forgive my absolutely shameful neglect.  I was a “rotten egg” actually – literally I’m afraid, though you’ll not see a picture of that on here! By the time I came to write my essay for my final submission last year I had got myself really run down – SO My hair was looking like a sad excuse for  a shaggy dog and I decided to try a new shampoo – “no sulphates and colour care system” it said on the bottle – and care for me it did! I’m never allergic to anything, (well  maybe curry, but that’s another story), but boy, was I ill. Head became tender, then really sore – two days later I was in hospital with a face the size of a football and the colour of  concentrated “Forest Fruit” juice. My “allergic reaction” had become infected – “ROTTEN EGG SYNDROME”. Not to put too fine a point on it, I was completely knocked for six, it was weeks before I began to feel really OK and then along came this wonderful summer. Just had to spend time chilling, recuperating and ignoring anything remotely techno, except for my camera. Hence my blog desertion.

Tomorrow I shall resume my blog with a   totes boring and, even, totes indulgent (of course), account of my best ever summer vac   bit of an update, chatting about my quite special summer, chilling out with John and enjoying being a photography student with time to indulge – not something that usually happens in my bit too busy, life.

Oh, and a few pics, of course!

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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2 Responses to I did actually promise to “Keep my Blog Alive” – what a “rotten egg” I am! Sorry!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Morning Jane wondered what had happened to your blog thought you’d finished your degree and of making your fortune as a photographer!!!! sorry to hear of your hair saga hope all is improving now? Still you piked a good time of year to do it the hottest summer for many a year. And i’m sure that John made a great nurse!! and your on the road to recovery. With autumn just around the corner i’m sure you’ll be snapping away at all those autumnal colour’s. Take care Ken

    • Wow Nice to hear from you Ken, thanks. I’ll be looking for that Autumnal and misty, atmospheric shot!!! Wonder who made me think of that? Hope you’re well. Looking forward to seeing you down this neck of the woods sometime. J & J x

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