It’s been an OK Summer – (so? I’m playing it cool)

Summer Fun

Alright! So it’s been more than OK – hasn’t everybody’s’ been a whole lot better than the rainy Summer of 2012. Hope so.

Probably the main reason for my amazing summer; and not just the weather or the occurrence of the adorable Arthur, has been that John has been at home. Chance of fate, his vessel had an extended dry dock in Gibraltar, during which he only had to be on board for a week and then his crew change happened later than expected which made his stay at home even longer. All I can say is that it was terrific. We spent lots of time on the water, both sailing and kayaking, which was just heaven, we visited galleries, took loads of pics, had an amazing time in London (I might have just been lucky enough to have a picture in an exhibition at Sotheby’s Bond Street Gallery and an invite to the final showing reception) – just wow, what an experience – and we even managed to get loads done to our buildings which are gradually beginning to look more like the Art Space/study center that we hope them to eventually be. Even the Gallery is beginning to come together with the joiner putting in the Red Cedar ceilings which smell so good – they look good too, but the smell; mm.

Now to the pics! Oops and d— Adobe & Lightroom. I only bought it in December last year but it won’t open my files from my Xmas pressie, a “December” released Nikon 5200. Even after very patiently, over the last couple of days, installing all the updates!There is now Lightroom 5 and I have to buy that to play with my RAW Pics from the summer. So after a frustrating couple of days I still haven’t uploaded any pics to my Blog. If you see one above, I have found a JPEG and, as for the rest? Tomorrows another day – so they say!

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