Still ‘Blogged’ Down with Uni Work – Oh & Exciting Exhibition Stuff! Also, My Blog is soon to be part of a Website!

Every time I try to get back to blogging I have a crisis – all good crisis’s; as you must already know if you’ve even read an incy bit of my blog, mostly I see even the not so good things as ‘good’.

So, I am nearly there, truly.  Just a bit busy still for a while. I have got a really exciting exhibition, my first Solo Exhibition, at Oriel Q in Narbeth, opening Saturday, April 5th. An OPEN opening so if you are even remotely in the country or Europe, just a short flight, please do come & see. There is also a fabulous exhibition of the work of Irish Artist, Eamon Colman in the main Gallery; I am just so looking forward to it all.

Also, I have just found out today that an image I entered into The Elysium Gallery Photographers competition has got through to the final and will be on exhibition there for the month of March. Loads of prep to do for both but I am really so thankful for these wonderful opportunities. I will endeavour to post my images very soon – but FIRST – I have to get them all printed, mounted and framed ready for the ‘hanging’. Yeh! And for Oriel Q, I have to finalise my book, make sure I approach the relevant press – scary – create cards, both business and marketing, logo and artists statement,  send out invitations – yep – panicking again!

Once again, I am embarrassingly, overly excited. Oh, and what I was really going to tell you is that I am in the process of creating a wordpress website, static front page, galleries and no garbled chatter. So if this one suddenly looks very different its because we – wordpress and I; great pals now; are swopping my domain names around and my blog will then be It will also be accessed through a page on my website which will be All good stuff and wordpress have been totally amazing with their support. Thanks Jeremy D. – my very own happiness engineer, wow!

So I am getting there – close anyway. Thanks for all the support for my blog – it is amazing you have stuck with me. :-]

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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