Second attempt at Video – Now Re-Edited but still with issues.

As a part of my BA Hons, Degree Enterprise Module, I have made a ‘shameless’ self promotion video. Ha !

My first attempt was not what I hoped it would be, with very poor quality in some of the images – they were pixelated. However,  I did get some guidance from my tutor this morning and have re-edited it with the images more appropriately sized, hoping for a better result.

So, my second attempt and no time for a third. It is definitely better than my first but still very disappointing. However, although the same images are still showing pixelation, it is not as bad as in the first run, and I was able to re-edit the audio and cut out a couple of errors. Last time I did this this programme crashed before I could save it.

I was also able to introduce the fade from the coloured Ancient Oak Tree to the black & white image which I was pleased with but had not saved first time around. I had really wanted to include this as I see it as a part of the portrayal of my concept, the black & white visually adding to the mystery of the woodlands.

The programme I am using to do the editing in, is Movavi, and is very poor. The quality loss could very well be because of that – next time I shall hope to use Adobe Premier Pro. Unfortunately it had a major crash after I had installed it and I dare not risk re-install until I have my module video ‘in the bag’!

Tomorrow is ‘show day’ – then two Enterprise work books due in end of April and then roll on the Summer Hols!  Lets hope we get a summer like the last one.

Cheers and thanks to everyone for listening –      ;-}

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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