Uni work all done for this year! Now to get to work! Ha!

It is so exciting getting to a stage in my degree when I can really focus on what I personally want to do, instead of focusing on the specific module requirements. Ok, so they were a vital ingredient of the degree and, obviously, the discipline that got me this far but, I really do have to say, in order to really get the best out of my learning, it has been absolutely ‘full on’. Now I want to try to pull it all together, relax a bit and make it my totally my own. I have already started really. My last module, ‘Spirit of the Druid’ was absolutely my own, pure indulgence in the direction I want to go with my work. It is also the basis of my exhibition.

However, back to my blog. I keep threatening to get back on top of  writing it in a regular fashion; I shall do eventually but just not quite yet. I have to catch up on all the things that have been neglected in favour of my uni work, and that is a lot of stuff. Good word, ‘stuff’. It can mean just about anything and everything. In my case it means a whole list of things that have been totally neglected over the past two and a half years. Things like ME, Myself, Me again, My diet, My fitness,  My home, My garden, My car, (did I tell you I ran out of oil?), Oh and my husband, my daughter, my Mum and my friends etc Oops meant just to say – my Husband, my Daughter, my Mum and my Friends, obviously in that order. Anyway that’s just for starters so I might be while.

My aim is to really make this blog a TOG BLOG, with lots of thoughts and notes on what is working for me, how and why. I can’t wait to get back to the total indulgence of playing with my Toggery – toggery, (just love that word – got it from a Tog Tutor – mad world) Anyway, I do just have so much to get involved in, not that I’m being too ambitious. There’s digital, 35mm film, 6×6 film, 5×4 film, B & W, colour, studio, location, developing,  scanning, printing,digital and darkroom. Oh, did I forget to include the deeply hidden art of taking & making of pictures.

But just for a while now, I am going to get my house in order, as the saying goes. Then I shall be ‘back blogging’ in good form I hope. I really mean it when I say “thanks for following” – you have all made it so good to do, just knowing someone is actually interested enough to look at my blog means a lot. I hope you are still there when I return. In the meantime, have a great summer, and even though I probably won’t be posting, I shall be enjoying reading and viewing all of your blogs.

Ta Ta for now.   ;-} 

And,  I will probably not be able to resist the odd post – odd being the operative word. Might even start posting a few ‘odd’ images – ##################

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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