Catch-up Time – well overdue!

If you followed my blog last year then a huge thank you for your patience. I had hoped to be posting back in September but every time I started, I had reservations on what to blog (I shall explain in a mo’), then, when I had finally sorted my head out, in November, I caught this awful virus and it was all I could do to finish my Dissertation in time. Yep! It is my final year. And today, for the first time in weeks, I have actually nearly stopped coughing, have a bit of energy and am raring to go.

The reason I was hesitating ref my blog is a bit silly really. After all it is my blog. BUT,  I was given some advice (regarding my blog) from a tutor I hold in high regard; ‘problem’; I just couldn’t take it. Here’s the thing. I am working on developing a really exciting business and I was advised NOT to include anything personal in my blog – keep it purely to photography and the arts – so me being me, every time I wrote a post, I had conflict in my head and so, my blog dried up. Now I am SORTED. The last months have been a real time of personal development – how good does that sound, Ha! Seriously, for those of you who have already done a degree you’ll probably know what I mean. Age is not relevant – you go in as one person, get dragged every which way there is, and then come out at the other end changed, hopefully with a clear and confident focus on your future plans. So tomorrow I will blog – as ME, personal & professional; I’ll start with my time, July to November, working with Spirit of Enterprise, Art and Craft Gallery in Pembrokeshire; hopefully sharing some useful ideas too!

My ‘space’ in Spirit of Enterprise, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire  –  a PBI initiative,    sadly now closed due to end of EU funding.

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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