So, for a photographer and artist, just ‘What is Success’?

I promised a post on what I thought is ‘success’. Was it really back in January?

Having just handed in my final module work for my Photography degree, I should really be referring to that event. Not so, right at this very moment I consider success to be the claim of anyone who has managed to get through this winter without being attacked by the horrid, debilitating cough which has overpowered me twice now – and for months each time. So to all of you who have avoided it – REALLY WELL DONE – no mean feat.

And to those of you who, like me, are still suffering from a lack of ‘drive’ after spending weeks of sleepless nights, coughing – then you have my greatest sympathy.

BUT, back to this word ‘success’.

Back in time, before the cough really took over my life, I put in an application to attend a Fine Art Degree course; I know! But all this creativity that is bubbling out of me after my Tog Degree is longing to express itself though drawing and painting now. Anyway, back to the application, where, as a finishing comment I tried to look ambitious and added that my aim is to be a successful artist. Silly, silly statement. So, what does it mean?

I was told by a tutor a few years ago that you won’t make any money out of photography unless you teach it or write about it. Mm, mostly true. But although we all need to make money to live by, to be a successful artist can mean something completely different to each and every one of us.

  • it can mean enjoying your creativity so much that it takes you away from the worry of having to make the ‘live by’ money
  • it can mean sharing ideas and thoughts with other like minded arty people – always fun
  • and it can be when someone sees, in your work, something special to them, like the lady who  went all the way to the Tower of London to see the Remembrance Poppies after seeing my own Poppy image
"at the going down of the sun"

“at the going down of the sun”

  • or like the couple who were so inspired by my Spirit of Druid – Lawrenny series, that they just had to go for a walk there, in the ancient woodlands, even though they had just a few hours of their holiday left.


I shall always treasure those memories. I am now experiencing another feeling of success, one that comes from being in the right place, at the right time and being able to produce a uniquely special piece of work.

My final body of work for my degree is ‘Spirit of Ynyslas’ – Lost kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod.

To have been able to photograph the amazing submerged forest off Cardigan Bay, to have captured images of ancient tree remains that might be now covered in sand again, for a lifetime or more, is incredibly humbling. I believe I have something truly unique which I can share with others and personally treasure for the rest of my life. Success might not be quite the right word for it but whatever it is, I am glowing in it.

Tomorrow I shall post details of the Degree Show and hope that some of you might be able to come to see all the art that has been produced by myself and my fellow graduates during our degrees. And thank you for your patience; I am now back on board.



About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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