“to BLOG, or not to BLOG, that is the……………………….

Just how can a simple, really quite trivial in the big picture , question of blogging disturb my mind for approximately 18 months? So much so, that the hundreds of blog posts I’ve written are still filed, not to be shared through lack of conviction as to their worth.

I know that I have been a complete waste of space with my blogging BUT I do have a reason; totally justifiable to myself, but not really to others I am sure.

18 Months ago a highly regarded Tutor, and Director of a highly regarded Gallery & Art Space, suggested to me that blogs linked to a Professional Site should be professional and not personal – oops -not my style you know! BUT, I totally took it on board – hence half of my blogs are still filed, not POSTED. The following week my other tutor, highly regarded as being knowledgeable when it comes to judgement regarding marketing, (and the number of words/length of lines in a module workbook if you want the tutor to read it) advised that any blog post longer than 250 words was not going to be read. So now, the other half of my BLOG POSTS are  filed , NOT posted.

I finally had an epiphany earlier this week and I do think I have solved the problem and so, shall return to blogging, which I secretly enjoy immensely. Here is how I shall do it :

  • I shall split my blog post into two
  • the first half shall be absolutely on a professional basis, short sharp and to the point
  • the second half shall be hidden away in the “click here if you want to get personal and have time and the desire to listen to my rant”

SO lets TRY IT!   For the ‘longer, exclusively ‘Jane’ bit’, click here

So I got ya this time! Hah.  Ok, so maybe it might work.  For those of you who have the time to share in my thoughts, I really do appreciate it. I love sharing but can be too deep or too shallow or just off it or just plain boring, but if it’s  in my head and someone is listening then I feel very privileged. And I thank you.

The thing is it will stop me worrying that my blog might not be appropriate.  But, I hear everyone saying, “Why do you need approval”? I don’t know. But there it is!

See you next time – and thanks.     If you knew me – or know me- then you’ll know I really mean that, Best from Jane

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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