Amazing Peer Support – plus my BA Photography Dissertation

I have thought about this very little, so I am being brave; just putting it out there, bring on the crit. I have come to the decision that if I am going to continue my blog then I have to stop binning all those posts I have written and then binned because they were too candid. Artists should be open with their thoughts. After all, why else are we artists? I’m talking about telling what you really feel and think. Not about other individuals – unless it’s brilliantly supportive, that is.  About your own performance and progression. If you are brave enough to be truthful then why not tell; especially if it might help someone else along the way.

We are encouraged to share during our time at uni so that everyone progresses through peer to peer bonding. This was not the case in my earlier experiences of learning – it only takes one overly ambitious person and the whole peer to peer thing falls down. Blogging becomes very difficult and very sparse.
Now, I am in BA1 Fine Art and part of the most amazing group. It really is just so brilliant. Everyone is keen to help each other and we are all benefiting. I have little of value to share at the moment but I do try to pass on the best of what I learnt in my photography degree, mainly about how to achieve good marks by fulfilling the brief.  Also about essays; it’s what I am naturally good at. So my first share is for any other students that are reading this, and coming up to writing their Art Based Dissertation, is to post it here for everyone to easily see. It wasn’t clever, just thorough and TRUTHFUL to me. And if you have checked out my website you’ll know it won the Dissertation Award. So there it is. Bit of bragging. BUT, honestly be truthful to yourself and you will not only succeed but you will inspire others.


My next post I am going to share my work from last term – ouch!

Thanks for reading :-]

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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2 Responses to Amazing Peer Support – plus my BA Photography Dissertation

  1. Nora says:

    Ok I am opened up your dissertation and saw the headline..Oh my goodness are inside my head! I will take time to read this, but I have so much to say on that topic. Glad I found you!

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