A Project Shared – An Exhibition Approaching

My first term in BA1 Fine Art Painting, Drawing and Printmaking is now behind me and these images are of my mini project in Painting and Colour Theory. The project was ‘Found Objects’ and it probably doesn’t come as any surprise that I linked the project to the recent loss of my Mum.  

‘Her Colours’, ‘Her Bouquet’ and ‘Her Style’.

You may be confused – I am A Fine Art Photographer – what am I doing sharing some very student level attempts at painting? And why am I even attempting to paint when I am a photographer?

Well, if you are interested in the answer then please read on.  Otherwise, my next post will have some exciting Fine Art Photography news – to me anyway – about my latest exhibition!

So, back to why I am doing what I am doing. One of my photography tutors felt I should be going on to do an MA in Fine Art Photography. Well, I may just do that, but not yet and it will be in Fine Art, not limited to photography. Furthermore, I’m just not ready. I am still developing as an artist and very keen to have the tools to express myself fully, without limitation. I have only school experiences of drawing and painting and I wanted to find out if I could bring all my learning together and become a fully rounded, credible artist.

Another comment I would like to share came from an artist acquaintance of mine who said “I never had to go to university to learn to paint – I just taught myself”.

Of course, being me, I took this personally, BUT, realistically and historically, the most famous artists always gravitated towards other likeminded souls, and where better to do this than from within an Art College, whilst learning valuable techniques through which to develop your ability and personal style.

Life is just too short to miss out on any opportunity that you feel is right for you.

Thank you for reading.

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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3 Responses to A Project Shared – An Exhibition Approaching

  1. Nora says:

    Photography is my first love, BUT I do try to paint. I need to devote more time to it like I did in college. I enjoy the physical feel of painting. Kind of like being in the darkroom(I wish I had my own)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m envious. Although I did my photography along side you, I still feel that I am not artistic. I feel that to be artistic is to be able to hold a pencil, or brush, in your hand and create something on paper etc.

    • Thank you for sharing that. I strongly believe that we are all artistic in our own way. We each have our own way of expressing ourselves and some find it easier than others. There is a lot of pressure when doing a degree and the elements require discipline. I was fortunate enough to realise what I wanted to say as an artist very early on in my degree. Take a look at the work, or should I say thoughts, of Duane Michals. He expressed a need to go beyond the camera also. More importantly, I find this quote of his really inspiring. “Don’t try to be an artist. Find the thing within you that needs to be expressed. You might find it is art.” – Duane Michals
      Good Luck. Please keep in touch. Set House Arts, see the link in my website which will be updated over the next two weeks before my exhibition opens at Oriel Q, is all about photography and art, exploring the possibilities beyond the camera, taking imagery into art through painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics.
      I have just updated this reply. Since I first replied to your thoughtful and kind comment, you have inspired me and I have updated the Set House Arts page on my Website, http://www.janeevedixon.com . Take a look. And please get in touch through my private contact page if you can, I’d love to know who I am sharing with.

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