Degree Show Exhibition – cont.

Ok, so there weren’t the flocks of seagulls that I had been hoping to find on a ‘Distant Shore’ for my Degree Show idea but I was loving the ‘day to night’ photography I was practicing on the Submerged Forest stumps, so I decided to carry on. As an artist, my hope has always been to bring both the ‘beautiful and mysterious’ to my work; share with others just one side of our amazing world that can bring moments of incredible beauty to our lives, to relieve us from the horrors we know are happening elsewhere. The Submerged Forest is such an incredible part of our amazing world that I was happy to continue developing my imagery around the forest whilst at the same time experiment with ideas for my Degree Show.

I was introduced to the ‘day to night’ technique by photographer Bjorn Thomasson. I started with the Standing Stone series in the first semester of my second year. In the first semester of my final year I discovered the ancient woodlands of Lawrenny, and decided that they would be my focus for my lead in to my Final Show, this time taking images both with film and digital cameras. There is no doubt that there is huge value in learning all the techniques of film photography and then applying that knowledge, a light meter as in the second image below, to digital work. However, as you will see here, outside of studio situations and under pressure from the oncoming tide, at that time, I had a long way to go to achieve what I was imagining in my personal vision as opposed what could be captured through my camera.

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The incredible Submerged Forest of Borth, as I saw it on my second visit.

During this shoot, I had tried a number of different approaches to my imagery of the Submerged Forest, some of which you can see below. I had no idea of how I might link them to be a part of a credible Final Degree Show but I was, nevertheless, enthralled by the strangeness and wild beauty of what I was seeing. I carried on with the Autumn ‘Finals lead-in project’, ACP1, ‘Spirit of the Druid’ – Lawrenny but was continually imagining how my Final Show might be based around the incredible Submerged Forest.

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to be continued :

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