Time runs out but I have have a moment of discovery.

Following the previous shoot in the early Autumn of my ACP1 Module, the lead in to ACP2 which would be my finals, I knew that somehow The Submerged Forest would be the subject of my Degree Show. It had become too important to me and I knew I had to find a way to capture it to portray more of the truly mystical atmosphere it held. I worked on camera angles and ‘day to night’ photography.

Fashion and advertising photographers sometimes use ‘day to night’ photography to take images of a daytime scene which they want to portray as if they had been taken in the dark, at night. The light the camera sees is the light of the flashlights and not the daylight. There is a link to good tutorial on the technique in my previous post.

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I practiced this technique for my Lawrenny project, all the while taking images both digitally and with my film cameras. On a particularly good day which I didn’t want to end, I ran out of daylight. John was telling me it was too dangerous to carry on – “there are tree roots everywhere and it will become quite treacherous” – Yes Love! But I managed to persuade him to let me try just a few more shots back at my ‘favourite tree’  which was close to edge of the Ancient Woodlands. The sun was just creeping down below the woodlands on the far bank of the Cleddau River and the combination of twilight and my flashes made my ‘favourite tree’ become my ‘Mystical Tree’.

I knew that I had found a technique which was to become a significant part of my artistic signature. It enabled me to take atmospheric photographs which captured the mystical mood of dawn and dusk in the way that I saw and felt it myself.

I was now really excited at the prospect of my next shoot for the Submerged Forest. I just didn’t know how soon and how exciting that was to be. 

to be continued :

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