Take a Breath and Catch-up

First & foremost I should like to thank everyone who saw my exhibition at Oriel Q and was kind enough to tell the curator, Lynne, their thoughts and/or write in the comments book. The feedback has been wonderful and I am just so grateful that you have all enjoyed seeing my work. I was especially honoured that two well recognised artists took the time to tell me of their appreciation. Again, thankyou. I didn’t ask if I could mention you both by name but if you are reading this then I’m sure you’ll know who you are.

So, catch-up time. I had got behind with my degree work and so have not been posting, but, I just want to share a  good happening with you all. Some people say that some of us make things happen by being proactive. Well, maybe that is the case. Another thing that is said is that artists are good observers and that is how they find expression. Well my observation skills are dreadful. BUT, good things do seem to just ‘pop up’. I’d like to just share some of them.

  • I had a bet with a fellow classmate that if he could get through his photography module without taking a landscape photograph then I could get through the modules without using portraiture. I used the Ancient Pembrokeshire Standing Stones as my ‘models’ and took my studio outside; that’s when I started to create my personal style.
  • No deep thoughts really of the mystical had entered my photography and art at that time. Then, when I discovered the Ancient Oak Woodland of Lawrenny,  I discovered that the Celtic name for the Oak Tree was Drui, sometimes translated as ‘door’; also that the Druid belief was that the Oak Tree was the doorway to the higher planes of thought. A small flame of interest in myth and legend grew inside me and the Legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod came next .
  • If you’ve seen my website you’ll all know of my thoughts surrounding Grown-ups and Fairies – well I’m definitely not Grown-up and now Fate has taken another step to help me.

I was really struggling with this module; not the technical element, which I am loving, but the contextual content. The work is to be connected with sketches from the Botanical Gardens of Wales or from our own gardens. I really wanted to work on images from within my garden but I was wanting to add some depth to my work. My first attempt was to include an etching of my Fairy Den from Growing-up


1st State of Fairy Den

Well, we weren’t even talking mystical when my tutor suddenly mentioned that in Ireland they often have a Thorn Bush in the middle of a field and will never cut it down no matter how tiresome it is to plough around it. It is because that’s where the Fairies and the Little People live.

AND GUESS WHAT! I have a thorn bush right in the middle of my garden. I didn’t know of the myth. The thorns are pesky and often scratch me when I am mowing but I always remember a friend not letting me dig it up when it was just a tiny tucker.

And there we have it – the content of my print module has just become slightly more interesting than Monotypes of Camellias, Etches of ancient bogwood and woodcuts of grasses.

So now I have a small Aquatint 1st State print of my Thorny Fairy Habitat – still only 1st State proof – but I just wanted to share my story of how the mystical and myth always seem to find me. I also wanted to include some images of what I have been up to.

Thorn Fairy

1st State – Thorn Fairy

Not yet the best of work but a start – mysterious eyes peeping through the thorns of the beautiful, white flowered Blackthorn; the home of ‘the fairies at the middle of my garden’.


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