WWII Secret Project Revealed

For those of you who have born with me and my terrible track record as a blogger, (not even including my lack of replies to readers – I have tried but know I have failed horribly), hopefully you may find the heart to forgive, when you read this post and discover what John and I have REALLY been doing over the past ten plus years.

These buildings below are a part of our home – a significant historical site that we just couldn’t let fall into permanent decay. We have a website which is also in sad need of attention BUT, as you know, I always get there in the end – it’s just that the end is never ending. The thing is, and those of you who know us well will appreciate this, we never really want it all to end, just to progress. We are very nearly finished the huge repair project; don’t the finishing touches seem to take forever; and now we are having our own opening exhibition with a super well known, prestigious group of artists along with a second opening, a party preview for everyone local and historically interested who have been wondering just what we have been doing for the past ten plus years. We shall eventually find time to start being truly creative in our own way.

So, here it is, a short picture storyboard of what I am about to put on sethousearts.com, in full glory, patting ourselves thoroughly on the back for all our hard work. Our website has been ready to go for three years – it was a part of my second year degree module – we just had to finish the repairs.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The following slideshow is a collection of images of the Administration wing, the Ablusions, the Mess Room which is not shown completed and some of the rest rooms. As we gradually finish everything over over the next weeks I shall show more – and if you are interested to visit, we are always open to individual callers and we love showing people around – with a cuppa whenever we have time. Just contact us through the website or call in on spec.

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