And then there was Braque!

This has been some year. I can only say that the images of the paintings by Sigrid Müller in my last post are just so amazingly beautiful that they have obviously kept all of my ‘blog’ followers ‘following’ for the last eight months. I thank all of you for your incredible patience. And to Sigrid for her amazing art.

And – out of the blue – I have recently been aware of a new gathering of followers and I should like to welcome you to my blog diary. If you knew the times I have said I will get better then you really wouldn’t stay – BUT – I am a great believer in ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try, try, try again’

Dare I even think of showing you some of my work after Sigrid’s. But I shall. My last post, Sept ’17, was at the start of another year sharing and learning at Carmarthen School of Art as part of a Fine Art Degree in Painting. Drawing & Printmaking. 

So here is another ‘Artist Who Inspires Me’, Georges Braque. Here are just a few of his works. The first two are of his earlier works, more simple in composition and cubist content than his later works, but ones I could find a good starting point for my piece. The later pieces are two more complex pieces by Braque that show his wonderful use of light.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My first real chance to attempt to bring some of his influence into my work came in the Oil Painting Processes module.  It required a piece to include words and numbers. If you have seen our website Set House Arts, then you will understand how I came to want to paint the work below.  It didn’t even come close to my imagined outcome but I see it as a good start, an ‘oil sketch’ beginning.

Sunderland Seaplane_framed_2

Sunderland T9044 of No 210 Squadron


The piece above was done in oil on canvas and is of the Sunderland plane flown by Wing Commander Derek Martin OBE, which sank in 1940 in Milford Haven Sound. Martin lived to see it recovered, 73 years later, in 2013.

I have decided to be brave and to show most of my work within my Blog Diary. I just absolutely love every aspect of Painting Drawing and Printmaking, following on from my photography.  I do however, love learning and also know the everything is subjective! Constructive criticism is most welcome. I really do mean that. If I have learnt one thing in life and that is to ALWAYS be open to guidance – take the good and leave the bad. My ‘Head of Art’ suggested I drank a bottle of Vodka before I started painting – might ‘free me up’.  Might just leave that one!

I really enjoy writing – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that will enjoy checking out Georges Braque’s works. Thanks for visiting.



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2 Responses to And then there was Braque!

  1. amyfryer says:

    It’s lovely to hear about your work, I’ve missed reading your blog updates 😊 x

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