As you will see from my website, I have had little or no time over the past year to share my endeavours update my BLOG. I have also had no time at all for my own art; however, I have had the wonderful privilege to share and exhibit the art of others in the Set House, having a wonderful exhibition of ‘Masters and Graduates’ works in September 2018.

For those of you who are reading this and might be aspiring to be curators, never, ever, underestimate the work and pressures involved in preparing an exhibition. That is, if you are quite possessed and want to give it every bit of professionalism and heart that you can. I did, and the result, I have to admit, was FABULOUS – right from the outset, when the opening was supported by nearly 40 members of a prestigious Contemporary Art Collective from Cardiff, CASW.

We are still sharing much of the Graduates work in our living gallery space in the Set House which is part of the former ‘Top Secret WWII GCI Radar Station, RAF Ripperston’ which makes up part of our home. Following guided tours of the amazing WWII buildings, visitors are shown the art and I share with them all I know of the artists and their work. It has been, and still is, a wonderful success, with numerous visitors every week, many of whom are new to the art world but go away with a fresh awareness and appreciation of art.

With regard to my own artistic dreams, I have, however, started to create a new body of work, and am sharing here a first drawing of St. Brides Haven. You can visit ‘Spirit of the Haven ~ St Brides’ on  my  personal website.

St Brides Haven

I am also proud to be sharing the paintings of Artists  Sarah Spencer and Rhodri Rees,  two of my favourite contemporaries.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. erasmid says:

    Transition III works for me. Ta.

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