Creative Practice -Cinematic

Fairy Tale A True Story – Cinematic Module –Images based on film 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above slideshows are two  screenshots with my two recreated images.

Fairy Tale A True Story – Cinematic Module – Negotiated Brief

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow is of my “Growing-up” Conceptual Series.

The “negotiated brief” part of our module asks us to “Synthesise the visual language we have developed in part one, cinematic, above, and apply it to our own interpretation to produce a series of six images. The series can be in our own chosen genre, mine being fine art conceptual, inspired by Duane Michals and Julia Fullerton-Batten.

The series title is ‘Growing-Up’ and portrays what happens to our vision if we allow ourselves to grow-up and lose the magical imagination with which we were born along with the ability to loose ourselves into the fantastical world of cinema.

My first three images are shown here. They follow the mood and ambience of the film by capturing fairies in a fairy den by a long forgotten water feature hidden deep beneath overgrown greenery.

The Cinematic part of the module was to take three screenshots from a film of our choice and recreate them as best we could. I chose the film Fairy Tale and the above are my two most successful shots.

The module has been extremely interesting and although I have less time than I hoped to have in which to develop my technical skills, my appreciation of art & photography is really growing in depth and knowledge.

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