Things I have learnt from others that helps to get me through!

  • Step back from your work is sometimes a good move.

Earlier this term I was overwhelmed by my task as a student. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it was true. As a result, I just couldn’t keep my mind from jumping around topics. I was getting nowhere. I stopped all “work” and played with my cameras, digital and film having had some great help from Will and Chris regarding my Bronica 6*6.

The further result of my “stepping back” was that, right out of the blue, my concept for my Cinematic Project became clearer and  by Monday evening, I felt a whole lot better. No real “work done” but in my own way, huge steps towards my final goal.


Since writing the above, I have become a Grandma for the first time. My degree work has had to take second place for a while and I am far behind with two deadlines to make. However, the big plus is that I have really relaxed into my learning and am excited about my work and my ideas for the future. They will gradually all come to fruition and be posted on my blog, though the  pace will be through my mindset as an artist and not rushed as someone with deadlines.

Thank you Sean, once again  for reminding me of one of my own Grandmother’s favourite sayings:

“What is life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”

Arthur one day

Arthur John- One day old.


2 Responses to Things I have learnt from others that helps to get me through!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So true.

    • Another anonymous comment – just wonder who might have sent it. It’s not that I know anyone studying away from home at Kansa University – or do I? ;D (that is a BIG wink to Rob & Lewys)

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