About me

I was born Jane Evelyn Price, in Morecambe in 1953, daughter to Barbara, a very hardworking artistically accomplished, “brought up on the land” Devonian, (family joke) and to Raymond, an very artistic, kind & loving, highly accomplished, architect father.       (I will probably tell you all about them some time later – both pretty amazing people – mother was still body boarding when she was 82 – I aim to emulate).


I was procrastinating – back to the “about me” bit. So back to my life’s plan.

I went to school and just had a fun time. I played! And  I played! Oh, I did some work, but it was always either writing or drawing.  I badly wanted to paint too, but, somehow painting – or was it the use of colour – just didn’t seem to click;  even though I was able to convince my teachers to let me study A Level Art on the premise that I wanted to be an Architect. But wait – we are getting ahead of ourselves.

So! A bit more history!

At six I begged to go to dancing class with my friend!

At six and a little bit, I left dancing class, having been extremely, and horribly, sick on the way home.  Oh, the pain from Madame Ratcliffe pushing me down into the splits in only my second ballet lesson.

At twelve years old, I found another dancing friend and  went back to dancing school. NOT, I might add, to Madame Ratcliffe’s Academy.  At Joyce Warrington’s School of Dance I found my life’s passion! Well, next to Shakespeare that is. And Rogers & Hammerstein. But there it was. I just had to be a dancer. Oh, and an actress – oh, and not to be greedy, a singer, too.

And at sixteen, having been slightly successful in a certain competition – X Factor is not a patch on the original Commonwealth Theatre Awards –  was offered a place  at Italia Conti stage School and all my dreams came true. Or they would have done if it hadn’t been for a positively puritanical father who did not want to “put his daughter on the stage”!

So there I am; back at school, trying to muster up and work towards my second choice career; studying art at A Level in order that I could follow in my father’s footsteps and become an architect. There was only one problem (and I secretly knew it from my adoring cousin, Martin). In my father’s opinion “a building site is not for young ladies!”.  CHECKMATE!

So off I went to Italia Conti and spent an idyllic youth singing and dancing my way through theatre and television with a delightful dabbling of comedy and acting thrown in!

And then, in my late twenties, I discovered the other passion in my life. The gorgeous and wonderful John, who gave me an amazing present! Our even more gorgeous daughter, Amanda. (So if you’ve stopped throwing up and are still with me, we are nearly there, honestly)

25 years later – Amanda has flown the nest and I am so, so restless to have a compelling passion for something other than the enforced WONDERFUL life of sailing that I thoroughly enjoy with my darling husband.

And if you are not to bored out of your brains already, you can read how I found my passion for the “Other side of the Camera”, sailing along the South Coast of Ireland, in “Behind the Lens”!

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