Behind the Lens

So how did it all start? Maybe I have always wanted to be a photographer – my grandparents gave me a Comet camera for my eighth birthday present. But then doesn’t everyone just love taking pics! I took photos of new born lambs in March of that year – Oh yes – they didn’t arrive until March in those days! Now you can see a new born quite easily on Christmas Day. Then I photographed Daffodils, then everything to do with the beach and then – somehow – I just moved on through life being nothing more than a “Happy Snapper”.

That was, until I was sailing around the South Coast of Ireland with John, my gorgeous hubby, and found that the more I concentrated on taking photos the less I concentrated on the possibility of us sinking!

Then, when we were finally safely anchored up in a heavenly place called Barlogue Creek,  John helped me to “see” an image.  And I saw! And I kept on seeing.  Then came this strange compulsive disorder that meant I couldn’t put the camera down!



P1010666Looking back at my images now, my poor old jpgs show me just how far I’ve come.  I know also, that I’ve an awfully long way to go.

Below are some oldies and some newer shots – a long way off what I’m aiming for – but getting better!

I long for that perfect Gannet shot! I shall keep trying and, if you go to my “Getting that shot!” page, you can share my knowledge as I work through my ups and my downs!

Here are my first two galleries – just click on an image to view the gallery in full screen.

I have to be honest and say that it was the Gannets that drove my initial passion. That helplessness when you realize you just can’t achieve the shot you want. I’m still feeling very much that way but, when I think of my latest images, not shown on my blog yet, I’m so thrilled that I took on this challenge. I’m secretly quite proud of myself. I am learning so much. Not just about photography but creativity and art. There is just so much out there.

To Be Continued…….

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