Specialist Professional Studies – Exhibition, Blog & Photo Library


Check list of Planning;

  • Venue – note to self – priorities are
    • Venue with excellent reputation, contacts and patrons – eg Arts Council links etc
    • Venue with dedicated and enthusiastic curator
    • Location
    • Relevant time of year for location and clientele
    • Group Plan
      • Transport & Accounting :Marlene, Materials :Emma, Website :Kim, Press :Kate, Posters :Will & Chris, Brochures :Amy, Photographer :Séan, Social Media :Joe, Gallery Link :Jane (note to self-copy everything to gallery for approval before printing or publishing), Marketing :All
      • Printing and Mounting of Work – note to self –
        • Be open to suggestion – the foam board mounts look great
        • Publicity, Press & Photographer
        • Promotion – On-going

All of the above are now either complete or in hand and we are “hanging” our work next Wednesday April 10th, at 12 Noon. I have also now printed and mounted our Group Photo, Group Statements (in Welsh and English), the For Sale poster, and our Names and Titles for our images. I am ready for Wednesday!


My blog creation has been really fulfilling and I have gained a lot from it. I chose WordPress over Blogger and others because of its adaptability and have been very pleased with my choice. The links work really well and to be able to navigate to pages below pages and have topics within their own tiered list is invaluable and very similar to a mini website.

I particularly like the option to view the relevant posts in specific categories and shall be using this feature in future to create some technical posts of my learning within photography – not for everyone as I’m sure most of you are well advanced on myself; however, it will help my absorption of the topics and hopefully be of some relevance to a few of you.

I love my Blog and Blogging Freinds –  I need a car sticker !    😀

On-line Photo Library

If you have been following my Blog you will know that I didn’t have an easy run of it with this part of the module. Nevertheless, I have succeeded in completing the task and am now furthering my attempt at another on-line library presence by embarking on an attempt to have some images accepted by the Library of Wales.

Alamy On-line library, which was set up for us by our Tutor with a free student account, is a brilliant start to learning the pros and cons of submitting images. It is only on looking back over the task that I can assess just how much I have learnt about both quality and size for submission. Certainly I have learnt about keeping my sensor and lenses clean.

Once you have managed to get over that hurdle, the rest is simple. The difficult part is submitting images that will sell and that will certainly take some more research, but certainly achievable in the long run and I shall continue with this in mind.

Here are the links to Alamy and the Library of Wales, along with a screenshot of a “Key Worded” accepted image.

http://www.alamy.com/          and            http://www.photolibrarywales.com/


Alamy 1

I shall update later with my Library of Wales experience, successes –

Be positive, that’s my motto!

And if you have any queries on this or any other topic please post them here and I shall do my best to answer them.

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