Creative Advertising for Clients Module – Pics for Mags!

Last semester I shot a series of images which could potentially be used for a magazine spread. I actually loved it as I was working outside with portable flash and it was just great fun, probably because I had my husband, John, helping me cart all the gear and acting as my assistant. He’s been into photography himself since his teens and we are going to be working together once I finish my degree – that is, when he stops disappearing offshore.

If you’ve read my “Behind the Lens” page you’ll probably guess that he is passionate about being on, or in, the water and, what’s more, he still loves working offshore even after thirty plus years.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the Standing Stones I shot in South West Wales. I researched them extensively beforehand and shall be carrying on my work with a view to developing my series further. Today, we, as a group from uni, are going to see OrielQ Gallery in Narbeth in the hope of possibly exhibiting there as a part of our Professional Studies Module. I shall be exhibiting from my Standing Stones Series.

Standing Stones

Standing Stone 2

Standing Stone 2

Standing Stone 4

Standing Stone 4

About Jane Eve Dixon

A (not so mature) Photography Student
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8 Responses to Creative Advertising for Clients Module – Pics for Mags!

  1. chudiso says:

    Jane, this picture was so great! You gave me another idea and subject to capture =)

    • Whoa, thank you Chudiso. I have just tried to check out your site but Safari can’t find your server. Have you a blog site? I’d love to see some of your pics too!

      • chudiso says:

        I don’t have my own site for now jane. I’m still saving money to get a host and domain =) for now, my blog and photos are in

      • Gotcha! Brilliant site. (I don’t have a website yet either) Have an amazing time. Thanks again for taking time out for me! Bye!

  2. bbylois says:

    Hi jane , I am not a cool , nice , like commenting one . But i took the time to look at your image. Besides the atmosphere, its represents, i prefer the second one because of its light and the structure on the stones when not exposed with the light . Without being too technical , how did how did you do it ?, meaning which light source has been used?.

    • Hi Bart. Thanks for your comment. My first comment on my first blog – and a good one. I shall have to try to create my own lighting diagram for use on my blog! However, in the meantime I shall try to give you the best description I can.First of all though do you mean the second one on my post Titled Standing Stone 4 or the second one on my Standing Stone Gallery, Titled Standing Stone 2.

      • bbylois says:

        I am always tempted to look at Standing Stone 4. I dont know why , but it tells something more to me. Ooh Jane , I was simple curious how you made it. Flash or natural or even car lights ( like i do sometimes) or …

      • I am so pleased you like SS 4. I do too – and no cars on Skomer Island where it is situated! I have three portable flash lights and there were two set up to come in from the right,and one on the ground to the left. I’ve just visited your blog and I love your image under category “light” looking down the staircase. Real shadow play. I shall be playing with light and shadows in this semester’s cinematic assignment. So much to do but so much fun! Thanks again for your interest.

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