“Life is Good – All the Time” Quote by John the Gardener.

“All the Time – Life is Good” Quote by John the Gardener.

I was awoken at 8 minutes to six this morning by the song of a blackbird outside my bedroom window and I was reminded of “John the Gardener”, a wonderful man we met in Antigua, whom everyone new as “John the Gardener”. He was brought up living in the woods with only had the land to live off. He was so hungry one day that ate the poisonousness berries that his Mother had told him not too. He very nearly died, but still, as a grown man working the grounds of a large hotel in Antigua, and probably only earning just enough to support his family, his life’s motto is as above! And again, as above!

My next thought was not of my untidy desk, Nor of how I am worried that I am getting further and further behind with my work. It was of the view of the Winter sunrise from the window behind my desk. And I told myself once more,


Life is Good – All the Time!                           I just wish it were for everyone!

Oh Boy! Since writing the above I have gone further up my emails and found this from my oh so special,  Katrina. Thank you so much Max, your picture is brilliant, oh what a wonderful day this is going to be.


And if it’s not sharing too much, I also found the most just perfect email from my husband. With the most perfect message a girl could ever wish for, and a photo too! Love you so much, John and can’t wait for you to come home next week. I know you can’t see my photos on the ship’s broadband but you will when you get home.

This is the photo from John sent in his email card, (I cut the message off as it’s just for me!) but I’d love to share the photo, a memory of one of many of our wonderful times together. I shall stop gushing now! And just enjoy my day.

A Lovely Night!


Thanks for listening. 😉

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